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New, important changes in Federal Mexico liability laws!
In the U.S., insurance laws are generally governed by each states legislature. Consequently, each state has its own, usually mandatory, minimum limits required to operate a vehicle in their state. Mexico is no different, and is referred to as Code 502.

Recently, Mexico, or more importantly, each state in Mexico, has increased their minimum liability limits for when someone is killed in an automobile accident. Though this is rare, it is the ultimate reason for insurance, to limit your financial exposure as much as possible.

The limit of ones liability in case of a fatality is based upon the minimum wage scale of the state where this scenario occurs. It ranges from (in U.S. $) as high as $ 543,754 in both Mexican States of Coahuila and Yucatan, to as low as $ 4,659 in the State of Sonora. This link provides a list of each Mexican State and the total U.S. dollar amount(s) subjected to recently updated Code 502.

It is in your best interest that your Mexico Tourist Auto policy at least reflect the minimum limits that are implemented for the Mexican States you are traveling through, as well as the State of your destination.

Obviously, as in the U.S., these are always subject to change, and we still provide a wide range of limits. We are here to assist you, and look forward to answering any questions you may have. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-434-3966. As always, we appreciate your business!
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CHUBB Seguros allows up to 3 drivers. Only drivers listed on a driver's license policy are covered.
Additional Questions
What will be your Policy Use while you travel in Mexico?
If you are using your vehicle for vacation, visiting family, or pleasure.

You must continue to have your U.S. or Canadian Auto insurance in force.

If you vehicle is used primarily for Business Use.
If you drive to and from work, while in Mexico.
If you are a resident and use your vehicle for Business use.

If you reside in Mexico more than 180 days a year, consecutive or non-consecutive days.
Will there be drivers under 21 years of age?
Answer YES, if YES. If you answer NO and someone under 21 does operate this vehicle, it could alter the policies coverages/benefits.