Central & South America Vehicle Insurance

Back in 1989, our President, Gary Dickey, ran an R.V. Tour Operation that specialized in Mexico travel, and included at least one to two Tours that ran along the Pan American Highway from Mexico, Central America, all the way to South America.

At each border of Central America, all the way to South America, he sought out insurance companies that would insure the Tour Groups R.V.’s (Recreational Vehicles, Autos, Pick Ups, Travel Trailers, etc.). Eventually being introduced to a reliable international insurance company that provided coverage over the majority of Central and South America under one policy! Now we are also pleased to provide a Policy for Motorcycles!

There is a brief application that must be completed in its entirely for a Policy, or a Quote. Click on the appropriate "Apply Form" at the top of the page.

Coverage under this policy, excludes Mexico, Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Physical Damage would still apply, if chosen, but 3rd Party Liability would have to be purchased at the Port of Entry of the aforementioned country.

This policy is Underwritten and takes a week or two to be issued, dependent upon the answers provided on the application. We have two excellent plans available, “Full Coverage” or a special “Liability” policy. Please follow the instructions and complete them in their entirety. We will stay in contact with you during the Underwriting process, via your EMail, or by Phone, whichever you prefer.

This policy does not provide any insurance coverage in the Republic of Mexico, so you must purchase a separate policy. Once you complete the application process, you can go to our Mexico Program, or if you wish you may go there now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or E Mail us

Thank you for your business!