Frequently Asked Questions

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Must read!
We highly recommend your taking a photo from your smartphone of your Certificate of Insurance in case you lose your hard copy, or if it is stolen with your vehicle. If you have a Bar Code Reader (generally a free App on your smartphone) you could also read that and save it to your phone in case it is needed.
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What do I do if I have a claim?
You MUST report the Claim prior to exiting Mexico. No Exceptions. A common requirement for all Mexico Insurance Companies. Insurance Co's wouldn't know if claim occurred in Mexico or U.S. if it is unreported in Mexico.
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Who to call if I have claim?
If using a Mexican Phone Line, and while still INSIDE Mexico, you can try calling the following Phone #'s. CHUBB 800-801-0117 or 818-864-9322. If calling from a U.S. Cell line, +52-818-864-9322 or Mapfre 800-026-6358 OR 800-026-6551. For more information check your Insurance Certificate or go to this link
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Do U.S. Cell Phones work in Mexico?
Yes and No. Depends on where in Mexico, and what Cell Phone Provider you posses.
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What to do if any type of phone service is unavailable where claim occurred?
If claim occurs where their is NO access to ANY phone, and if vehicle can be safely operated to nearest city, or town, then drive the insured vehicle where nearest phone service can be acquired.
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What if the Vehicle cannot be safely driven?
Common sense, if possible and needed, remove damaged vehicle to side of road. If unable, leave there and contact the nearest Grua (TOW) service. Call the Claims Center and they will provide assistance.
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What if the vehicle cannot be driven and their is no phone access?
Again, common sense. Request assistance from locals, an/or notify authorities, who can then assist you in notifying Claims Center.
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Are insureds required to notify Mexican legal authorities when or after having and accident?
NO! It is not recommended unless common sense dictate their involvement. Claims handling generally is more seamless if only the Adjuster or Claims Center is involved.
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How do I cancel my policy?
You have to request this in writing. Fax us your request 1-(888) 519 - 4101, and refer to your Policy #, your name, Drivers License # and the date to cancel. You cannot cancel retroactively. You may also Email us at the same info. Note: You will be charged the Daily Rate for each day after the Effective Date of the Policy.
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What if I need a policy extension and don't have an account?
If after hours or weekend, go to our site and issue yourself another policy. It is simple. Go to and issue your own policy to become effective the same time your current policy is scheduled to expire. (If your car is currently in Mexico, then the new policy must be issued prior to your current policies expiration. If it is during normal Business Hours, M-F 8:30 - 5:30 Mountain Time, if needed, call us at (915) 591-8279.


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Does this policy keep me out of jail?
YES and NO! However, unless you are involved in an accident where their are injuries, usually serious, including to yourself or to others. There is the possibility you may have to go before a Magistrate, similar to a Judge. An Attorney or Legal Representative from the insurance company will act in your behalf. It is extremely rare for someone to be incarcerated, even for a night, unless a fatality or severe injury has occurred. They don't want to chase off Tourists or Business! They bring revenue to the country!
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What is your responsibility as far as Deductibles?
Your responsibility is clearly denoted on your Certificate of Coverage.

My Policy

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What if I need to extend my policy?
You can go to our Web Site at and click on the Tab that states “My Account” or scan with a smartphone the QR Code. Follow the instructions.Note: If you wish to extend your policy it must be extended prior to the expiration of your current policy... NO EXCEPTIONS!
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What if I am not near a PC to extend my Policy?
You can install a Free app to your smartphone and scan the Bar Code (QR Code) at the bottom of your Insurance Certificate. That will take you to our web site "My Account". Enter your User name and Password to enter into your account. Follow instructions for what you wish to do.
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Whom do you call if you need a copy of the Mexico Insurance Certificate?
Click on My Account. If you do not have one yet, one can easily be created and a Paid Receipt and/or a copy of your policy declarations page will be sent to your E Mail. You may then forward it to whomever you need.
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How do I add a vehicle from my policy?
Email us at with your specific request. Note; we are unable to bind (insure immediately) an added or new vehicle until we can process your request during normal

business hours: Mountain T 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. M-F excluding holidays. You may, if needed, go to Quick Quote and issue a new policy. Make certain you have all of your personal info and physical description (make, model, year, etc.) of the vehicle you wish to insure. This is available 24/7 including holidays.