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U.S. Ex Pats taxes in Mexico

I honestly had no idea there was so much, and so little about U.S. Ex Pats and their taxable consequences both to the U.S. and to the country they now live.

I found a wonderful article, and author, who appears to have fulfilled quite a niche as far as Mexico is concerned.

They basically cover questions such as bank accounts, Mexican Customs, and sales tax, or IVA (16%) as it is called in Mexico. No wonder so many Mexican citizens “flee” to the border cities of the U.S. (El Paso, Laredo, Brownsville, etc.) to shop.

The Frontera (frontier or border) use to impose a 11% tax, now the country has implemented a level sales tax rate of 16% sales tax. WOW, remarkably high! There is possibly 5-7 million people who live on the Mexico/U.S. border and who knows how many have a Tourist Visa to avoid this tax by shopping in the U.S.?

The name of the article that contains great information about the Mexican Tax code as well as other important and timely information is “New 2014 Tax Laws for Mexico that Affect Expats and Foreigners”.

IRS Tax Issues for Americans Living and Working Abroad in Mexico – Master Article

You can find more information about the above at:
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Hope this might help you if you are considering moving to Mexico.

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Ex Pats to Mexico, links to Dept Motor Vehicles, Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona

To all of our many U.S. and Canadian friends living in Mexico, Saludos!!!

Over the years we have all struggled to meet the various motor vehicle legal requirements of two countries who don’t always seem to have your interest at heart. You jump through hoop after hoop trying to make absolute certain that all of your t’s are crossed and your i’s dotted when satisfying the paperwork needed to travel, live, register vehicles, purchase insurance, etc. when living part or full time outside of your Home country.

From not being able to satisfy your Lien Holders (financial institutions whom you make car payments to) insurance requirements to trying to nationalize a U.S. registered vehicle in Mexico. The prior wants you to carry full coverage in the U.S. even when your car is garaged in Mexico and your U.S. insurance doesn’t even cover in you Mexico!!! How stupid is that? Some have acquiesced to allowing proof of full coverage through a Mexican insurance company, but most have not. Then there are the myriad of requirements to nationalizing your U.S. vehicle to a Mexican vehicle. Though admittingly, the recent changes in becoming a Mexican Resident has become somewhat more easier than before.

We aren’t going to solve all of the problems associated with living in Mexico, while still dealing with U.S. Gov’t entities, but we’ll try to knock some of these out. Most of you living in Mexico are probably familiar with what we are posting, but some may not.

For those still determined, out of necessity or just want, to keep their U.S. vehicles registered in the U.S., here are a few web sites that may help you. Following are the site links to the Motor Vehicle Departments of all the border States except California as I have never heard of one California citizen wishing to remain in the DMV system in California. So, below is Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. These sites also deal with Titles, Registration, and renewing your drivers licenses!

Arizona DMV
New Mexico DMV
Texas DMV

We wish you the best and appreciate any feed back you may have in this and other areas of importance that might benefit others, like yourselves, with all of the other requirements of foreign residency in Mexico.

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