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Ex Pats to Mexico, links to Dept Motor Vehicles, Texas, New Mexico, & Arizona

To all of our many U.S. and Canadian friends living in Mexico, Saludos!!!

Over the years we have all struggled to meet the various motor vehicle legal requirements of two countries who don’t always seem to have your interest at heart. You jump through hoop after hoop trying to make absolute certain that all of your t’s are crossed and your i’s dotted when satisfying the paperwork needed to travel, live, register vehicles, purchase insurance, etc. when living part or full time outside of your Home country.

From not being able to satisfy your Lien Holders (financial institutions whom you make car payments to) insurance requirements to trying to nationalize a U.S. registered vehicle in Mexico. The prior wants you to carry full coverage in the U.S. even when your car is garaged in Mexico and your U.S. insurance doesn’t even cover in you Mexico!!! How stupid is that? Some have acquiesced to allowing proof of full coverage through a Mexican insurance company, but most have not. Then there are the myriad of requirements to nationalizing your U.S. vehicle to a Mexican vehicle. Though admittingly, the recent changes in becoming a Mexican Resident has become somewhat more easier than before.

We aren’t going to solve all of the problems associated with living in Mexico, while still dealing with U.S. Gov’t entities, but we’ll try to knock some of these out. Most of you living in Mexico are probably familiar with what we are posting, but some may not.

For those still determined, out of necessity or just want, to keep their U.S. vehicles registered in the U.S., here are a few web sites that may help you. Following are the site links to the Motor Vehicle Departments of all the border States except California as I have never heard of one California citizen wishing to remain in the DMV system in California. So, below is Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. These sites also deal with Titles, Registration, and renewing your drivers licenses!

Arizona DMV
New Mexico DMV
Texas DMV

We wish you the best and appreciate any feed back you may have in this and other areas of importance that might benefit others, like yourselves, with all of the other requirements of foreign residency in Mexico.

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So you think your covered with your U.S. insurance in Mexico?

Unfortunately many people believe this myth. Again unfortunately, it is because most of our U.S. insurance companies giving credence to this belief by implying their Mexico Border Endorsement provides coverage in Mexico. It “might” for physical damage (damage to YOUR vehicle) but NOT for the 3rd party liability exposures you encounter in Mexico.

First, a brief explanation. Automobile insurance is broken down to specific parts or types of coverage. 3rd Party Liability is the part of your auto insurance that provides monterary compensation to “others” that you have either injured or caused property damage to. It is not for you, it is your fiscal responsibility to pay a 3rd party when you are at fault in an covered accident. Just a brief note about Mexico and their 3rd Party Liability requirements, click here for the latest information regarding those limits. Special note: Your destination may entail driving through various Mexican States. It is wise to at least purchase the States highest 3rd party liability limits that you travel.

Mexico’s vehicle laws are implemented differently than those in the U.S., and require payment at the time of the accident, OR, you must posses a valid Mexico Tourist Auto policy from a Mexican insurance company. The authorities will negotiate with the Mexican insurance companies Claims Department, or Adjusters.

So your U.S. auto insurance is not applicable when in an accident in Mexico. Restitution is immediately required, and trust me, your U.S. insurance company is not going to send their U.S. Adjuster to Mexico to ajudicate your claim. Therefor, you will be required to pay out of your back pocket the damages or repair costs to the 3rd party on the spot, OR, they may impound your vehicle until restitution is made, OR, they could, and this is extremely rare, incarcerate you until restitution is made.

You may say, but my policy says I am covered, and I am an American! GOOD LUCK with that gem of a statement as your vehicle is impounded while you go back to the U.S. to get $ for this claim. OR, you can speak to your U.S. insurer, who will happily explain to you “NO problem” just bring us a copy of all the police reports and tow or drive your vehicle back to the U.S. and we will gladly pay your claim! There are numerous other scenarios where this can just only get worse, but I am not about to dissuade you from traveling to Mexico, just be wise and purchase your Mexican Tourist Auto policy prior to leaving the U.S. Inexpensive and very simple…

Another thought. I have recently pursued and have made avialable on line, the Mexico Border Endorsments from Nationwide (Texas) and Allstate (Texas). They are vague at best without specific coverage definitions, and also realistically convey that their coverage is not recognized in Mexico. Why they make it part of the policy, I will never know.

To view these documents, click on the following:

Nationwide (Texas) Mexico Border Endorsment

Allstate (Texas) Mexico Border Endorsment

We hope this helps with any questions or concerns you have about your U.S. Auto insurance and the implications that could arise if you depend solely upon that as your proof of insurance in Mexico.

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Ya se siente la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil 2014

Brasil-2014Al recorrer las calles de la ciudad veo cada vez a más niños y jóvenes jugando en la calle o en el parque con un balón de futbol soccer. Se empieza a llenar el ambiente de una vibra futbolera que nos aparta de lo cotidiano y nos sumerge en un mundo de pasión en el deporte.

Y aunque estamos a casi un año de que se lleve a cabo la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil 2014 que será la XX edición de la Copa Mundial de Fútbol, ya se sienten las ganas de disfrutar en familia o con los amigos de esos partidos emocionantes entre cada país calificado.

Undated handout image of the official 2014 World Cup mascot, the Brazilian three-banded armadillo (the Tolypeutes tricinctus)

Esta será la segunda vez que se realiza este evento en Brasil después de la  Copa Mundial de Fútbol de 1950, entre el 24 de junio y el 16 de julio y fue la primera edición del torneo después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, resultando la selección Uruguaya campeona en aquel mundial.

El balón oficial de la Copa Mundial de 2014, ha sido bautizado con el nombre de Adidas Brazuca. Con el término “brazuca”, los brasileños definen el orgullo nacional de su forma de ser, que se refleja en la manera cómo viven el fútbol; simboliza la emoción, el orgullo y la buena voluntad de todos.

A los que somos aficionados al futbol la espera para que inicie el próximo mundial tal vez es larga pero cuando menos lo imaginamos ya estaremos a la vuelta de la esquina vislumbrando la inauguración y los partidos se nos hacen tan cortos que se nos pasa muy rápido el mundial para cuando ya estamos pensando en del 2018.

El próximo año cuando de inicio la Copa Mundial de Fútbol, alejémonos de lo cotidiano y tratemos de disfrutar de cada partido aunque no juegue nuestro equipo favorito, mientras comemos, en el taller u oficina (si es posible 🙂 ), con los amigos, ya que el deporte nos ayuda a pasar un momento agradable y sano, alejándonos por un momento de los problemas cotidianos.


Si usted es uno de los afortunados que tendrán la oportunidad de viajar y estar en persona disfrutando de cada partido en vivo, nosotros le ofrecemos una gran gama de servicios de seguros para que disfrute al máximo y viaje con tranquilidad.

Siempre que salgo con mi familia de viaje ya sea por negocio o vacaciones, en lo primero que pienso es en un seguro para el auto y máxime si es un país extranjero el cual no conozco, en donde las leyes y los sistemas de salud son distintos al mío. Procuro comprar también un seguro de salud que proteja a mi familia en caso de que alguno se enferme y no andar preocupado por los gastos médicos que nos pueden hacer pasar un mal rato y que nuestras vacaciones no sean lo que esperábamos.

Ofrecemos planes de salud y gastos médicos internacionales muy económicos así como seguros vehiculares para todo México, Centro y Sudamérica.

Estamos a sus órdenes y les deseamos que si a usted le gusta el futbol soccer tanto como a nosotros, disfrute de los partidos que puedan ver, y que gane el mejor. Y ojalá nos de la sorpresa un país que nunca haya ganado la copa.

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