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What happens when a Mexican Citizen can’t pay a medical bill from U.S.

My understanding, and this was derived from a niece of a friend of a friend who works in a major hospital on the border of the U.S. and Mexico.

They are unable to physically hold you (like in Mexico) for non payment of your medical bill. You can go as you please. However, and this is a big however, they might provide your personal information (not your medical information as this would be in violation with HIPPA) to the U.S. Consulate via a bill collection agency for example.

What can they do? They can withhold your Tourist Visa renewal, that’s what can happen.

If you are already a Mexican citizen, you already know that you do not want to encounter this scenario as time is not on your side. It is on the side of the medical provider, and the U.S. Department that handles the issuance of foreign visitors Visa’s.

The best course of action, is simple. If you do not have medical insurance that will cover you in the U.S., or you don’t have any medical insurance at all, then look into an International Health and Accident program or plan. They are easy to understand, inexpensive, and possibly a safety net if you find yourself in the position of having to visit an out of country hospital while visiting in the U.S.

The same or similar criteria occurs if you are stopped in Texas for example, and you do not have a car insurance policy that covers you in Texas. Either of these circumstances are easy to address.

There is an affordable, 3rd party liability auto policy that can be written by the day, week, month or year, much like the International Health and Accident program mentioned above.

If you have any questions about either, please feel free to contact us via Email, or phone at 001-915-591-8279 if you are in Mexico. OR, if you are already in the U.S. and need to ask us anything about International travel between the Americas, then give us a call at (915) 591-8279.

We also have information regarding this same scenario, except reverse. For those traveling into Mexico from the U.S. of Canada, in their personal car, or have need of International Health & Accident coverage for anywhere outside of the U.S. give or a call (#’s above) or Email us at

We would be delighted to answer your questions, comments or concerns.

Remember, for all of your Mexico Tourist Auto, Homeowners, Motorcycles, Boats and International Health Insurance needs, please call us at 1-800-434-3966 OR Email us at or visit us at to issue your own policy. We appreciate your business!

Green Angels, Angels of Mercy

Hello to all fun loving adventurers to Mexico!

Included today maybe the most valuable item yet in our blog, information on the Green Angels, sponsored by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico.

For tourists experiencing a mechanical breakdown, these guys and the services they provide may well be better than a Spring Break fiesta. They do not charge for their service, only parts, and any oil or gas needed to get you on your way. They advertise bilingual mechanics, but you may run into the one, or two, or however many, that may not be bilingual, at least in English! Nonetheless, when these guys show up, you will be glad they did. Oh, before I forget, tips are welcomed, though not mandatory. Don’t be a cheap tourist…

Enjoy a brief video of an actual Green Angel patrol extending their hand to a tourist experiencing a break down. We have all been there, but it is amazingly different when it is in another country. Probably more so, when breaking down in the Republic of Mexico! The video is about 6:00 + minutes, and you can basically skip to about the 1:45 mark to see the Green Angels do their thing.

Below is a link to the service area map for the Green Angels. In addition, you can also visit other programs for info from the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico.

service map

If you are still starved for more Angel info, click here for further information on the history and work they perform.

more info

Have a wonderful time, and remember, for all of your Mexico Tourist Auto, Homeowners, Motorcycles, Boats and International Health Insurance needs, please call us at 1-800-434-3966 OR Email us at or visit us at to issue your own policy. We appreciate your business

New Liability Rules in Mexico.

This past year, something occurred in the Mexican legal system that boggles the mind.

Going from a laisser-faire attitude about its own citizens and their driving without insurance, to now requiring sometimes huge limits for 3rd party liability in certain Mexican states. Most times, Mexican Nationals, when they don’t have a liability policy from a Mexican insurance company, will just bolt or flee. Mexican law is not lax in handling those responsible for causing the accident. The “at fault” driver typically has their vehicle impounded, or if there is injury, then the owner or driver of the at fault car is jailed or held until brought before a Magistrate.

These limits are not just geared to U.S. drivers in Mexico, but also are the standard for Mexican citizens and their own personal cars.

Don’t forget that many people will drive over one state line to another, just like in the U.S., but unlike the U.S., your Mexico auto or tourist auto insurance will NOT adjust itself to the required minimum 3rd party liability limits of an adjoining state. If you are not familiar with this term, 3rd party liability, it means injuries you may cause another person, a 3rd party, not you or one of your passengers.

In addition, most visitors to Mexico, whether Paisanos or just tourists, don’t realize that most Mexican vehicles are valued close to double that of an American car, even if the same year , and model. The reason for that is the IVA, like a sales tax the Mexican Gov’t charges. This generally increases the value of the car. What does this mean to you? It means to replace a Mexican car that you have damaged, or totaled is generally significantly more than a U.S. or Canadian registered vehicle. If you don’t have enough coverage in your policies 3rd party liability limits, then you are responsible ($) for the difference.

Don’t rely on cheap insurance when in Mexico, and certainly don’t rely on some vanilla web site or even your local insurance agent who sells this on the side, when you can speak or E mail those with years of experience in this industry and get the correct answers. We are here to help you. It is what we do, it is what we are paid to do, and we are adamant about being knowledgeable about our products, and our experiences in dealing with Mexico.

To see what the actual limits for liability are for each Mexican State, go to this link. We hope this helps you become a knowledgeable consumer. Click here for posted liability limits.

We hope this helps you in your Mexico travels. If you have any questions concerning this or anything else regarding travel into Mexico. Please let us know, we will do our best to assist you.

For all of your Mexico Tourist Auto, Homeowners, Motorcycles, Boats and International Health Insurance needs, please call us at 1-800-434-3966 OR Email us at or visit us at to issue your own policy. We appreciate your business

Infracciones y multas de transito en los E.U.

Al ingresar a los Estados Unidos , es importante recordar que uno es sujeto a las mismas leyes de tránsito al igual que todos los Americanos. Aun siendo de la República Mexicana, no se le extiende mas lenidad que la que reciben los Americanos cuando viajan a México y violan sus leyes de tránsito. Paisanos y Americanos no enterados, podrían atreverse a pagar “mordida” en Máxico, pero bajo ninguna circunstancia debe intentar hacerlo en los Estados Unidos. Haciéndolo lo meterá en problemas mas sérias.

En Texas por ejemplo, las leyes de tránsito, si las rompe y las multas, son diferente al resto de los Estados Unidos. Bién, para su conocimiento, aquí están unas pocas de las leyes y sus multas que se imponen si lo agarran violando alguna de estas leyes. DWI quiere decir “manejando ébrio y es un cargo MUY sério.

$100 USD$: Manejando sin licencia
$250 USD$: Manejando sin seguro
$1,000 USD$: Manejando ébrio (DWI)
$1,500 USD$: 2 or mas ofensas de DWI (manejando ébrio)
$2,000 USD$: Convicción de DWI con un nivel de alcohol de .16 o mas alto

Si es acusado de DWI, el cargo se queda grabado en sus antecedentes penales por 7 años. Podría prevenirlo de adquirir o renovar su ciudadanía Americana.

Obviamente lo que debe hacer es obedecer las leyes de tránsito. Usted es un huesped, y hací como se espera que un Americano obedesca las leyes de tránsito en México, también usted cuando conduce en los Estados Unidos.

Comprando una póliza turista Americana es rápido y sencillo. Se puede comprar por un día, por semana, un mes o por un año. Esta cobertura es subscrita y administrada por una compañía aseguradora legalmente autorizada.

No tome el riesgo de que lo pare la policía y no traer el seguro necesario; es una multa cara. La compra de una póliza turista Americana no es cara. Visítenos en mxici (Seguros para USA) para emitir su própia póliza rapidamente y facil.

Esperamos que esto le ayude en sus viaje por México. Si tiene alguna pregunta relacionada con este o cualquier otra tema relacionado con viajes a México, por favor haganos lo saber, haremos lo mejor possible para ayudarle.

Para todas sus necesidades de Pólizas de Turista Mexicanos de Auto, Casa, Motocicletas, Botes y Seguros de Salud Internacional, por favor llame al 001-915-591-8279 o mandenos un Email al o visitenos en para que obtenga su propia póliza. ¡Apreciamos hacer negocios con usted!

Ya se siente la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil 2014

Brasil-2014Al recorrer las calles de la ciudad veo cada vez a más niños y jóvenes jugando en la calle o en el parque con un balón de futbol soccer. Se empieza a llenar el ambiente de una vibra futbolera que nos aparta de lo cotidiano y nos sumerge en un mundo de pasión en el deporte.

Y aunque estamos a casi un año de que se lleve a cabo la Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil 2014 que será la XX edición de la Copa Mundial de Fútbol, ya se sienten las ganas de disfrutar en familia o con los amigos de esos partidos emocionantes entre cada país calificado.

Undated handout image of the official 2014 World Cup mascot, the Brazilian three-banded armadillo (the Tolypeutes tricinctus)

Esta será la segunda vez que se realiza este evento en Brasil después de la  Copa Mundial de Fútbol de 1950, entre el 24 de junio y el 16 de julio y fue la primera edición del torneo después de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, resultando la selección Uruguaya campeona en aquel mundial.

El balón oficial de la Copa Mundial de 2014, ha sido bautizado con el nombre de Adidas Brazuca. Con el término “brazuca”, los brasileños definen el orgullo nacional de su forma de ser, que se refleja en la manera cómo viven el fútbol; simboliza la emoción, el orgullo y la buena voluntad de todos.

A los que somos aficionados al futbol la espera para que inicie el próximo mundial tal vez es larga pero cuando menos lo imaginamos ya estaremos a la vuelta de la esquina vislumbrando la inauguración y los partidos se nos hacen tan cortos que se nos pasa muy rápido el mundial para cuando ya estamos pensando en del 2018.

El próximo año cuando de inicio la Copa Mundial de Fútbol, alejémonos de lo cotidiano y tratemos de disfrutar de cada partido aunque no juegue nuestro equipo favorito, mientras comemos, en el taller u oficina (si es posible 🙂 ), con los amigos, ya que el deporte nos ayuda a pasar un momento agradable y sano, alejándonos por un momento de los problemas cotidianos.


Si usted es uno de los afortunados que tendrán la oportunidad de viajar y estar en persona disfrutando de cada partido en vivo, nosotros le ofrecemos una gran gama de servicios de seguros para que disfrute al máximo y viaje con tranquilidad.

Siempre que salgo con mi familia de viaje ya sea por negocio o vacaciones, en lo primero que pienso es en un seguro para el auto y máxime si es un país extranjero el cual no conozco, en donde las leyes y los sistemas de salud son distintos al mío. Procuro comprar también un seguro de salud que proteja a mi familia en caso de que alguno se enferme y no andar preocupado por los gastos médicos que nos pueden hacer pasar un mal rato y que nuestras vacaciones no sean lo que esperábamos.

Ofrecemos planes de salud y gastos médicos internacionales muy económicos así como seguros vehiculares para todo México, Centro y Sudamérica.

Estamos a sus órdenes y les deseamos que si a usted le gusta el futbol soccer tanto como a nosotros, disfrute de los partidos que puedan ver, y que gane el mejor. Y ojalá nos de la sorpresa un país que nunca haya ganado la copa.

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SPRING BREAK Travel Destinations

Yes, it’s that time again. SPRING BREAK!!! Put down the books, gas up your car and head out to to visit family, or spend time with your new found school buddies. Let’s not forget our teachers and profs, as they to look forward to probably spending some quiet time without having to deal with you needy students…

Here are some travel destinations to consider. For many in the Midwest and Southwest the closest salt water and beautiful beaches are located in Puerto Penasco, or as many refer to it, Rocky Point. A beautiful village located on the Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, in the Northern part of Mexico in the State of Sonora. Getting there is easy. Head to Tuscon and take a left or right dependent upon what part of the country you are coming from on I-10.

It is a Free Zone, so border crossing is easy, and inexpensive. You do not require a vehicle permit, however you will be required to provide the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security or Customs a “Valid Passport” on your return Stateside. Have a valid Drivers License, if driving, and make certain that you do NOT wander outside of the Free Zone. Failure to observe street signs and ending up out side of the Free Zone could cost you mucho dinero or pesos if you will. It’s against Mexico’s Federal Law to operate a foreign plated vehicle without a vehicle permit outside of the Free Zone. The Hotels are awesome, food and drink plentiful. If you are going dancing or clubbing, crowds are packed into most venues.

Another popular gathering spot is in Texas, South Padre islands. Obviously you do not need to posses vehicle permits here, but if you are curious about Mexico, head over to Matamoros. You can walk or drive across. If you drive, just make sure you have Mexico Tourist Auto insurance, which we can help you with that. Mexico to satisfy your curiosity about Mexico, make sure you bring along your Passport again. If driving you do not need a vehicle permit here, as it is located on what is called the “frontera”, however if you intend on going deeper into Mexico, then you would have to purchase a vehicle permit. In ALL circumstances, you MUST cancel or turn in your Mexico Vehicle Permit upon exiting Mexico. Failure to do so could cost you time, $$$, and a lot of frustration.

Another awesome Spring Break destination is Cancun, Mexico. One of my favorite places. Clear water, awesome food, and fantastic weather. A bit pricier, especially for college students, but well worth it if your parents or you can afford it. For older, say more mature travelers, this time of year is generally not great in Cancun. Unless of course you don’t mind the noise, and watching people throwing up. I’d pick any other time to go to Cancun. I’d pick any other time to go to any of these destinations, if you are a seasoned traveler.

You will still need a U.S. passport, though driving to Cancun can be an adventure, most people will want to fly. You will also require a Visa that is provided by your airline.

We can provide you with Mexico Tourist Auto insurance and Int’l Health & Accident if your destination is Mexico or anywhere else outside of the continental U.S. Laws in Mexico differ substantially than the U.S. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to call or contact us via E Mail or this blog.

Stay safe, have fun, and watch out for each other. You want fond memories, not bad ones!

For all of your Mexico Auto, Homeowners, Motorcycles, Boats and International Health Insurance needs, please call us at 1-800-434-3966 OR Email us at or visit us at to issue your own policy. We appreciate your business!

What’s the difference between Travel Insurance, Travel Medical Insurance, and Medical Evacuation?

In most cases, each product contains some of the functions of the other product(s).

For example, many Travel Insurance and Travel Medical Insurance plans contain provisions that might seem to over lap. Both generally (but not always) provide emergency transportation, via ground ambulance, and some cases Air Ambulance. The difference between these and an actual Air Ambulance Service is that the previous mentioned plans usually guarantee transportation to the “nearest” medical facility (hospital/clinic) while the Air Ambulance guarantees transportation to the nearest medical facility, and then back home to your “Home Hospital” in the country where you are from. Huge difference! (Note: Most Air Ambulance services are not insurance, and thus not guaranteed! In addition, service is not available worldwide but many provide service in all of North America, including Mexico, as well as the Caribbean)

Travel Insurance generally insures your financial investment in your trip. Such as the cost of lost luggage, cancelled flights, or the non-refundable loss of tour costs associated with a cancellation due to an acute onset of a medical condition, injury or death, but it may not cover costs of medical attention needed abroad.

Travel Medical Insurance covers costs of needed medical attention when traveling abroad. Note that U.S. medical insurance is generally not accepted outside of the U.S. Medicare and Medicaid is also not provided or accepted outside of the U.S. This coverage is generally available by the day, week, month or year, and is usually (dependent upon age) very reasonable in costs from about $3.00 USD$ a day, and less if 30 days or more is purchased.

For all of your Mexico Auto and International health insurance needs, please call us at 1-800-434-3966 OR Email us at or visit us at We appreciate your business!

Will my U.S. Health Insurance, Medicare & Medicaid, and Medical Evacuation cover me in Mexico?

The following was taken from the Dept. of State regarding some of the medical risks and payment for services of foreign travel.

“Obtaining medical treatment and hospital care abroad can be expensive, and medical evacuation to the U.S. can cost more than $50,000.

The Dept of State strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to confirm whether their policies apply over seas and if it will cover emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. U.S. medical insurance plans seldom cover health care costs outside of the U.S. unless supplemental coverage is purchased. Further, U.S. Medicare and Medicaid programs do not provide payment for Medical services outside the U.S

If your insurance policy does not cover you abroad, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a short-term policy that does. There are health insurance policies designed specifically to cover travel. Many travel agents and private companies offer insurance plans that will cover health care expenses incurred overseas including emergency services such as medical evacuations.”

For a few dollars a day, you can protect yourself from any unforeseen medical expenses. Go to our web site below, and click on the caduceus for the very best international health and accident plans.

For all of your Mexico Auto and International health insurance needs, please call us at 1-800-434-3966 OR Email us at or visit us at We appreciate your business!