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Green Angels, Angels of Mercy

Hello to all fun loving adventurers to Mexico!

Included today maybe the most valuable item yet in our blog, information on the Green Angels, sponsored by the Secretary of Tourism of Mexico.

For tourists experiencing a mechanical breakdown, these guys and the services they provide may well be better than a Spring Break fiesta. They do not charge for their service, only parts, and any oil or gas needed to get you on your way. They advertise bilingual mechanics, but you may run into the one, or two, or however many, that may not be bilingual, at least in English! Nonetheless, when these guys show up, you will be glad they did. Oh, before I forget, tips are welcomed, though not mandatory. Don’t be a cheap tourist…

Enjoy a brief video of an actual Green Angel patrol extending their hand to a tourist experiencing a break down. We have all been there, but it is amazingly different when it is in another country. Probably more so, when breaking down in the Republic of Mexico! The video is about 6:00 + minutes, and you can basically skip to about the 1:45 mark to see the Green Angels do their thing.

Below is a link to the service area map for the Green Angels. In addition, you can also visit other programs for info from the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico.

service map

If you are still starved for more Angel info, click here for further information on the history and work they perform.

more info

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