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Do I need a Visa or Passport to travel to Mexico?

Yes and NO!

If you intend on staying in Mexico for 180 days or less, you will not need a Visa. If you intend on staying in Mexico past the normal “Tourist” limit of 180 days, you will then need a Visa, and possibly a Permit, dependent upon your intent. For instance, are you planning on becoming a Non-Resident and living in Mexico as an Ex-Pat? OR, do you travel frequently on business and need to visit manufacturing or office locations in Mexico. This will determine whether you need an FM-1 or FM-2 permit.

However, you will ALWAYS require a U.S. Passport if you are a U.S. citizen and are leaving the country. This requirement was implemented in July of 2009. Prior to this, you did not need to possess a U.S. Passport when traveling to Mexico. The purpose of the U.S. Passport is to allow you back into the U.S. upon your return. It is a basically a Homeland Security issue, and is strictly enforced.

Basically a Visa generally determines the reason you are in the country, as described in above. Some countries stamp the Visa directly into your Passport, and once your reason for entering the country (Mexico) is accomplished, then it generally will be scheduled to expire and you have to return back to your Home Country.

Some countries will not allow you into their country unless you have a Visa with your valid Passport. Interesting isn’t it, all the countries of the world have entry, exit, permits, visas, and passport requirements, but if the U.S. ever wishes to enforce their own sovereign laws, as other countries do, the world community has a hissy fit. No apologies, just witness firsthand the actions of other countries, due to our involvement in this industry.

The best thing to remember is this. Never leave home without a valid Passport, generally good for at least 90 days after you return to your Home Country. Always check to make certain a Visa is or is not required for your journey.

Due to the nature of our business, insuring cars, trucks, R.V.’s, boats, Int’l Life & Health insurance for those traveling outside of their Home Country, to places like Mexico, Central & South America. We try to educate ourselves, as to what is needed, and the services we can provide our many friends we insure. We also know, through our vast experience in this industry, that there are scenarios requiring our travel to a foreign country quickly, especially Mexico, who has a huge Paisaino presence in the U.S.

We receive, unfortunately, many times, people wanting to travel to Mexico to visit a gravely ill relative, or to attend a close family members funeral, and they do not have the proper paperwork, such as an expired U.S. Passport. We also run into scenarios where someone has to take an important business trip or to travel to a best friend’s wedding in a foreign country and your Passport has expired, yesterday!

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