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Will my Arizona personal auto policy provide coverage if I drive my vehicle into Mexico?

As with most if not all border States to Mexico, each instructs you to at least purchase 3rd party liability (that is $ for the other guy if you are at fault in an accident) from a valid Mexico insurance company. FYI, they are not all the same. For the State of Arizona, the following is published for the benefit of their citizenry who wish to drive their Arizona registered vehicle into Mexico. A very valid reason as one of the most popular destinations in Mexico is just across their border…Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point as it is commonly known.

Will my Arizona personal auto policy provide coverage if I drive my vehicle into Mexico?

“Mexican law requires that you purchase separate liability coverage from a Mexican insurer before operating your vehicle in Mexico. Your Arizona personal auto policy may provide some limited coverage on a limited basis (within 25-50 miles of the Mexican border), but this coverage does not meet the insurance requirements of the Republic of Mexico. Failure to purchase proper Mexican liability insurance may result in many hours in a Mexican jail or a heavy fine if you are involved in an accident while operating your vehicle in Mexico.”

Obviously, the answer is, YES, Mexico does require 3rd party liability from a recognized Mexican insurance company, and no, your personal auto insurance written in Arizona is not recognized in the country of Mexico. For a few dollars a day, you can purchase not only the liability insurance, but one that also comes with a large number of other covered items and benefits, such as Travel Assistance, Legal Assistance, Towing, Medical Payments, etc… All are determined by their insurance companies “Terms & Conditions”.

So don’t wait. Go and enjoy all the good things our neighbors to the South can offer. Fine dining, and not so fine dining. 4 star hotels and no star hotels. Beautiful beaches and, well, you get the picture. Lest we forget, ALL for very little dinero!

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SPRING BREAK Travel Destinations

Yes, it’s that time again. SPRING BREAK!!! Put down the books, gas up your car and head out to to visit family, or spend time with your new found school buddies. Let’s not forget our teachers and profs, as they to look forward to probably spending some quiet time without having to deal with you needy students…

Here are some travel destinations to consider. For many in the Midwest and Southwest the closest salt water and beautiful beaches are located in Puerto Penasco, or as many refer to it, Rocky Point. A beautiful village located on the Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, in the Northern part of Mexico in the State of Sonora. Getting there is easy. Head to Tuscon and take a left or right dependent upon what part of the country you are coming from on I-10.

It is a Free Zone, so border crossing is easy, and inexpensive. You do not require a vehicle permit, however you will be required to provide the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security or Customs a “Valid Passport” on your return Stateside. Have a valid Drivers License, if driving, and make certain that you do NOT wander outside of the Free Zone. Failure to observe street signs and ending up out side of the Free Zone could cost you mucho dinero or pesos if you will. It’s against Mexico’s Federal Law to operate a foreign plated vehicle without a vehicle permit outside of the Free Zone. The Hotels are awesome, food and drink plentiful. If you are going dancing or clubbing, crowds are packed into most venues.

Another popular gathering spot is in Texas, South Padre islands. Obviously you do not need to posses vehicle permits here, but if you are curious about Mexico, head over to Matamoros. You can walk or drive across. If you drive, just make sure you have Mexico Tourist Auto insurance, which we can help you with that. Mexico to satisfy your curiosity about Mexico, make sure you bring along your Passport again. If driving you do not need a vehicle permit here, as it is located on what is called the “frontera”, however if you intend on going deeper into Mexico, then you would have to purchase a vehicle permit. In ALL circumstances, you MUST cancel or turn in your Mexico Vehicle Permit upon exiting Mexico. Failure to do so could cost you time, $$$, and a lot of frustration.

Another awesome Spring Break destination is Cancun, Mexico. One of my favorite places. Clear water, awesome food, and fantastic weather. A bit pricier, especially for college students, but well worth it if your parents or you can afford it. For older, say more mature travelers, this time of year is generally not great in Cancun. Unless of course you don’t mind the noise, and watching people throwing up. I’d pick any other time to go to Cancun. I’d pick any other time to go to any of these destinations, if you are a seasoned traveler.

You will still need a U.S. passport, though driving to Cancun can be an adventure, most people will want to fly. You will also require a Visa that is provided by your airline.

We can provide you with Mexico Tourist Auto insurance and Int’l Health & Accident if your destination is Mexico or anywhere else outside of the continental U.S. Laws in Mexico differ substantially than the U.S. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to call or contact us via E Mail or this blog.

Stay safe, have fun, and watch out for each other. You want fond memories, not bad ones!

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Puerto Peñasco or Rocky Point

It’s Labor Day 2012!

What shall we do!

Let’s go to Rocky Point, a.k.a. Puerto Peñasco!

Just 65 miles South of the Arizona border with Northern Mexico, lies a beautiful fishing village bordering the Sea of Cortez in the gorgeous Sonoran Desert.

It is a wildly popular tourist destination for years. A peaceful place, with quiet pristine beaches, safe harbors, and tons of sport fishing and diving.

Rocky Point has experienced boom or bust mentality for nearly one hundred years. Initially settled in the early 1920’s it has experienced the ebb and tide of tourism and industry up till today, where once again it is experiencing a renaissance of interest.

This once tranquil are of desert next to the Sea of Cortez now hums with beautiful hotels, restaurants, camping and water sports of all kinds as well as night life of all kinds… It remains a jewel of Mexico, easy on the eyes and the pocketbook. Even more enticing, it is easy to get to.

The closest sea water (beach) for most of the Southwestern part of the U.S., it has become very popular with the residents of Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, especially for families and college students. Traveling requirements to get there are simple, as the Mexican Gov’t has made this a “Free Zone”.

You will need:

Your valid Drivers License
Passport or Tourist Card (for everyone in the car, this is required for return to the U.S.)
If you stay in Sonoyta North to Arizona, you do NOT need a Vehicle Permit
Mexico Tourist Auto Policy

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How do I obtain a Vehicle Permit for Mexico.

1. First, you must provide an original Vehicle Title or Registered Receipt.

2. If your vehicle is being financed, leased, rented, or is a company car, you must provide a notarized “Letter of Permission” from the owner (Lien Holder) on their respective companies letterhead. Most institutions are well aware of what is needed. If not, let us know and we will provide further details.

3. You must provide a VALID Drivers License with photo of applicant. Note: they do NOT accept Mexican Drivers Licenses. Must be foreign to Mexico.

4. Pay a “Importation Fee” of $ 48.84 USD. The fee can be purchased, at same price, at Mexican Consulate, Online, or while crossing at border.

We recommend you purchase your Vehicle Permit on the link below. The English tab is on the upper right side of their site.


This will save you time, and help you to become an informed traveler.

5. A “Guarantee Deposit” for the return of the vehicle to the US, will be applied to all vehicles. The amount of the guarantee will be determined by the year of the vehicle.

The guarantee will be refunded upon cancellation of the permit at Banjercito offices, prior to the expiration date of the permit. The refund will be made in the same form as the deposit was made, i.e. Credit Card, or Debit Card. HINT: Do not allow the Card you used to purchase the “Permit” expire, as it could hinder you from receiving your refund! After all, this is bureaucracy at its best!

a. 2007 – newer $400.00 USD$

b. 2001 – 2006 $300.00 USD$

c. 2000 – older $200.00 USD$

6. If the vehicle is not returned to the US prior to the expiration date of
the permit or the permit is not cancelled upon exiting Mexico, the guarantee deposit will be forfeited.


We recommend you begin the registration process through the Banjercito link from 10-14 days prior to your departure. Happy travels!

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