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Will my Arizona personal auto policy provide coverage if I drive my vehicle into Mexico?

As with most if not all border States to Mexico, each instructs you to at least purchase 3rd party liability (that is $ for the other guy if you are at fault in an accident) from a valid Mexico insurance company. FYI, they are not all the same. For the State of Arizona, the following is published for the benefit of their citizenry who wish to drive their Arizona registered vehicle into Mexico. A very valid reason as one of the most popular destinations in Mexico is just across their border…Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point as it is commonly known.

Will my Arizona personal auto policy provide coverage if I drive my vehicle into Mexico?

“Mexican law requires that you purchase separate liability coverage from a Mexican insurer before operating your vehicle in Mexico. Your Arizona personal auto policy may provide some limited coverage on a limited basis (within 25-50 miles of the Mexican border), but this coverage does not meet the insurance requirements of the Republic of Mexico. Failure to purchase proper Mexican liability insurance may result in many hours in a Mexican jail or a heavy fine if you are involved in an accident while operating your vehicle in Mexico.”

Obviously, the answer is, YES, Mexico does require 3rd party liability from a recognized Mexican insurance company, and no, your personal auto insurance written in Arizona is not recognized in the country of Mexico. For a few dollars a day, you can purchase not only the liability insurance, but one that also comes with a large number of other covered items and benefits, such as Travel Assistance, Legal Assistance, Towing, Medical Payments, etc… All are determined by their insurance companies “Terms & Conditions”.

So don’t wait. Go and enjoy all the good things our neighbors to the South can offer. Fine dining, and not so fine dining. 4 star hotels and no star hotels. Beautiful beaches and, well, you get the picture. Lest we forget, ALL for very little dinero!

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