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Beware, some common sense rules about traveling in Mexico

Having insured thousands of vehicles used to travel Mexico, we are used to receiving travel information from the Mexican Insurance companies we represent, as well as the experiences of those we insure.

Recently, we felt led to share some of these travel tips. One, for example, is to avoid, if possible, from stopping or frequenting “Convenience Stores” in Mexico. We have examples of people being approached and robbed or having their vehicle stolen by those hanging out at these stores. They are waiting for those that either look like they have $$$, or who own a vehicle worthy of being stolen, or both.

This obviously does not happen at every Convenience Store, but it appears to be an easy way to approach people traveling with U.S. plates, and to take advantage of them.

Another piece of advice is not to travel into Mexico with a darker color (blue or black) SUV or pick up truck. These seem to be the preferred choice of the cartels and obviously more likely to get stolen. In addition, dark tinted windows are also preferred, for obvious reasons. So stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Citizens from all over the world still frequent, and travel Mexico by car, plane, and boat.

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How do I obtain a Vehicle Permit for Mexico.

1. First, you must provide an original Vehicle Title or Registered Receipt.

2. If your vehicle is being financed, leased, rented, or is a company car, you must provide a notarized “Letter of Permission” from the owner (Lien Holder) on their respective companies letterhead. Most institutions are well aware of what is needed. If not, let us know and we will provide further details.

3. You must provide a VALID Drivers License with photo of applicant. Note: they do NOT accept Mexican Drivers Licenses. Must be foreign to Mexico.

4. Pay a “Importation Fee” of $ 48.84 USD. The fee can be purchased, at same price, at Mexican Consulate, Online, or while crossing at border.

We recommend you purchase your Vehicle Permit on the link below. The English tab is on the upper right side of their site.


This will save you time, and help you to become an informed traveler.

5. A “Guarantee Deposit” for the return of the vehicle to the US, will be applied to all vehicles. The amount of the guarantee will be determined by the year of the vehicle.

The guarantee will be refunded upon cancellation of the permit at Banjercito offices, prior to the expiration date of the permit. The refund will be made in the same form as the deposit was made, i.e. Credit Card, or Debit Card. HINT: Do not allow the Card you used to purchase the “Permit” expire, as it could hinder you from receiving your refund! After all, this is bureaucracy at its best!

a. 2007 – newer $400.00 USD$

b. 2001 – 2006 $300.00 USD$

c. 2000 – older $200.00 USD$

6. If the vehicle is not returned to the US prior to the expiration date of
the permit or the permit is not cancelled upon exiting Mexico, the guarantee deposit will be forfeited.


We recommend you begin the registration process through the Banjercito link from 10-14 days prior to your departure. Happy travels!

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