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Puerto Peñasco or Rocky Point

It’s Labor Day 2012!

What shall we do!

Let’s go to Rocky Point, a.k.a. Puerto Peñasco!

Just 65 miles South of the Arizona border with Northern Mexico, lies a beautiful fishing village bordering the Sea of Cortez in the gorgeous Sonoran Desert.

It is a wildly popular tourist destination for years. A peaceful place, with quiet pristine beaches, safe harbors, and tons of sport fishing and diving.

Rocky Point has experienced boom or bust mentality for nearly one hundred years. Initially settled in the early 1920’s it has experienced the ebb and tide of tourism and industry up till today, where once again it is experiencing a renaissance of interest.

This once tranquil are of desert next to the Sea of Cortez now hums with beautiful hotels, restaurants, camping and water sports of all kinds as well as night life of all kinds… It remains a jewel of Mexico, easy on the eyes and the pocketbook. Even more enticing, it is easy to get to.

The closest sea water (beach) for most of the Southwestern part of the U.S., it has become very popular with the residents of Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, especially for families and college students. Traveling requirements to get there are simple, as the Mexican Gov’t has made this a “Free Zone”.

You will need:

Your valid Drivers License
Passport or Tourist Card (for everyone in the car, this is required for return to the U.S.)
If you stay in Sonoyta North to Arizona, you do NOT need a Vehicle Permit
Mexico Tourist Auto Policy

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