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Will my U.S. Health Insurance, Medicare & Medicaid, and Medical Evacuation cover me in Mexico?

The following was taken from the Dept. of State regarding some of the medical risks and payment for services of foreign travel.

“Obtaining medical treatment and hospital care abroad can be expensive, and medical evacuation to the U.S. can cost more than $50,000.

The Dept of State strongly urges Americans to consult with their medical insurance company prior to traveling abroad to confirm whether their policies apply over seas and if it will cover emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. U.S. medical insurance plans seldom cover health care costs outside of the U.S. unless supplemental coverage is purchased. Further, U.S. Medicare and Medicaid programs do not provide payment for Medical services outside the U.S

If your insurance policy does not cover you abroad, it is a good idea to consider purchasing a short-term policy that does. There are health insurance policies designed specifically to cover travel. Many travel agents and private companies offer insurance plans that will cover health care expenses incurred overseas including emergency services such as medical evacuations.”

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