Pope Francis confirms scheduled visit to Cd. Juarez

It’s official. Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Cd. Juarez, which is located directly across from El Paso Texas.

Sometime between February 12th and the 20th of 2016, the Pontiff stated that the Papal visit to Cd. Juarez is the last of four scheduled visits to Mexico, something he wanted to do as far back as last September.

According to the El Paso Times, “Juárez officials estimate that as many as 2 million people from the United States and Mexico may travel to Juárez to see the popular pontiff. The visit would be an economic boost to hotels and other businesses in the region.”

Juárez Mayor Enrique Serrano Serrano urged Juarenses to prepare themselves and invited them to open their homes to family members from out of town who plan to travel to Juárez.

Mayor Serrano said all of the municipal gymnasiums will be open on the day the pope visits and will be used as shelters for visitors who cannot find a hotel room to spend the night. Local hotels and motels, including those in El Paso Texas, expect full occupancy.

It does not appear that El Paso Texas will be on the list of scheduled visits to the border region, but is expected to host many who make the trip.

If you want to see Pope Francis, and not have to spend a lot of money or time to do so, then this will be an excellent opportunity to do so. Make plans today.

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