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What happens if we cannot turn in our Mexican Temporary Import Permit or TIP?

Unfortunately, that is one of the pitfalls of operating a foreign vehicle in Mexico. There are obviously circumstances that occur where this might affect your ability to turn in the TIP.

One such scenario includes the possibility of your vehicle being stolen while in Mexico. If that occurs, then you obviously no longer posses the TIP, as it is with the car. That is why it is important, I would suggest critical, that you do a few logical things to help you in as many differing scenarios as possible.

For example, use your Smart phone, I Phone or whatever phone you posses that has photographic capabilities to photograph:

  1. All of the necessary documents needed to personally travel in Mexico. Your Visas and U.S. Passport for example.
  2. The same for all of your Vehicle documents, including a copy of your Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit or TIP as it is called.
  3. A copy of your Mexico Tourist Auto insurance

I would send this file (copies of documents) to your E Mail account as well. If you lose the phone, or the vehicle containing all of the paperwork, you still would have access to the documents.

If your vehicle is stolen, then you will need to contact the local police and request a physical hard copy of the Theft Report. If the vehicle is suffers a total loss, you will still need a Police Report, and hopefully you can have them or your Mexico insurance adjustor to scrap off the vehicle permit. Do not lose the TIP. You MUST still visit the Aduana / Banjercito office that issues these TIP, hopefully the same one you acquired your TIP at.

You must then provide them with a copy of the Police Report, copies of the aforementioned documents, and an Adjustors Report. When you go through the process of turning in your TIP, make absolutely certain that you get an original receipt from the Aduana / Banjercito office that you turned in (cancelled) your TIP.

If you don’t turn it in, you will forfeit your “Bond” you most likely paid with your credit card, the amount which is determined by your vehicles manufactured date:

Vehicle Year Model
2007 and later 400 USD $
2001 until 2006 300 USD $
2000 and earlier 200 USD $

You are also subject to possible fines, and permanent duties that Aduana might levy. There is also the probability that you will not be allowed to apply for a TIP on a future vehicle you may want to take again into Mexico, until you get the current one “cancelled”.

You may think, that Aduana will not know from one Port to another if you have an outstanding non cancelled TIP. Wrong! They, like every other nation, are networked nationwide. They go by your Passport, which is unique only to you.

If, for whatever reason you have not achieved any resolution to this requirement, or if you have forgotten to “cancel” the TIP and are in the U.S. you should be able to get the needed help by calling:

Within Mexico  01 – 800 – 463 – 6728 Don’t forget the 0 before the 1. Must use a Mexican phone to call this #

From the U.S.    1 – 877 – 448 – 8728 Be sure to follow the prompts, for TIP, 7, 2, 2, 1, 1

We hope this helps you! Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding this process.

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