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Can you rent a vehicle in U.S. and take to Mexico?

The answer is absolutely YES!

Many U.S. car rental companies are totally unfamiliar with this scenario, especially the further you are away from the border. There a few companies, typically in the border states that do allow their vehicles to travel into Mexico with the proper Mexican insurance.

Some car rental companies, like CAPPS Van & Truck Rentals headquartered in Dallas Texas, rent their very popular 15 passenger vans from all over their Southwest locations. From Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma City to Phoenix Arizona to name just a few of their locations where rentals are allowed to travel not just to the Mexico border towns, but with permission, into the interior of Mexico. Most car rental companies do not allow their rentals into the interior of Mexico.

The primary purpose for which many rent from CAPPS Van & Truck Rental for travel to Mexico is for Student and Church Groups doing short term outreaches or studies in their selected fields in Mexico. These vehicles are perfect for transporting large numbers of people and luggage for these types of trips. CAPPS, who has dealt with these types of groups for years has developed a faithful following. Their Reservation Center phone # is Reservation Center 1.800.969.9329 or if you prefer you can visit their website.

If allowed by your car rental company to take their vehicle into the interior of Mexico (generally 26 kilometers from U.S. border) you will need the following:

1. A notarized “Letter of Permission” from the car rental company to the renter. It must contain the Make, Model, Year, and V.I.N. of the rental car, van, or truck

2. A Valid U.S., Canadian, or International Drivers License (NO MEXICAN DRIVERS LICENSES, it is illegal, a Federal law, for a Mexican to operate a U.S. Registered vehicle in Mexico. Subjects the vehicle to CONFISCATION!, FYI, you won’t get it back)

3. A Rental Agreement with your renters name

4. A Valid Passport for the Renter and all passengers

5. In addition to the above, if you are traveling with minor children, then a Parental Affidavit giving the responsible adult permission for their children to travel. We have those available, if needed. Contact our office at the phone #’s or E Mail below.

You must purchase a Vehicle Permit when going into the interior of Mexico. You can purchase it at the Port of Entry. It is important, maybe critical, to remember to TURN IN THE VEHICLE PERMIT when exiting Mexico. Failure to do so could entail future costly complications on any travel into Mexico.

For any questions regarding Mexico Tourist Auto insurance and renting a vehicle for travel to Mexico, please feel free to call. We have been serving the international travel community sine 1989.

For all of your Mexico Tourist Auto, Homeowners, Motorcycles, Boats and International Health Insurance needs, please call us at 1-800-434-3966 OR Email us at ici@mxici.com or visit us at mxici.com to issue your own policy. We appreciate your business!