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Will my Texas Auto insurance policy cover me in Mexico?

Not long ago, I decided to write the TDI (Texas Dept. of Insurance) to see if they could, if they would, answer a question that I had regarding insurance regulations or agreements between the two countries.

I asked, “What would happen if a Mexican citizen had an accident in the State of Texas and depended upon their own Mexican auto insurance company?” An actual copy of the response is below.


In addition to answering the question about a Mexican citizens auto insurance being applied in Texas, they also addressed the issue of a Texas citizens auto policy extending into the Republic of Mexico.

This is an area that we, and especially our border States, have been trying to educate our citizenry forever, and that is;

“Texas does not have a reciprocal agreement with Mexico. We do not recognize Mexican Auto insurance policies, nor does Mexico recognize Texas auto insurance policies.”

In addition to this statement, the Texas Department of Insurance also publishes a pamphlet for this specific scenario. It too, can be viewed directly after the recent TDI correspondence.

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