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Port of Entry Schedule for Popes Cd. Juarez Visit

It’s getting closer and closer. Less than a month when Pope Francis scheduled arrival to the City of Juárez (Cd. Juárez) this February, the 17th.

With attendance estimates at 450,000 you might want to start your travel plans if you wish to see or hear the Pope in person!

Pope Francis arrival is scheduled at Juárez own Abraham González International Airport. From there he is scheduled to travel and to visit the prisoners and chapel at the Cereso state prison. Roughly a 25 mile human chain is being implemented to shield the Pope for his procession to Juarez.

From Cereso the procession for the Pope and his entourage will then proceed to the local Fair Grounds known as El Punto. An alter for a Mass has been built for the scheduled Mass.

If you are planning on using the local Juárez city bus line, you had better make certain that:

1. Your bus line will be in service that particular day
2. Arrive early in order to find your place prior to Pope Francis arrival. You will be one of many thousands who will be making this pilgrimage.

These are the current schedules of the Ports of Entry that border El Paso Texas. ALL of them are scheduled to maintain a 24 hour pedestrian and Passenger lanes. Commercial lanes are subject to a different schedule.

El Paso Texas Port of Entry

Bridge of the Americas
Ysleta Port of Entry
Tornillo Port of Entry

New Mexico

Santa Teresa Port of Entry

The 3 Texas Port of Entry’s are closest to the Juárez Fair Grounds where the Mass is scheduled. The Santa Teresa New Mexico Port of Entry acts like a loop that goes around Juárez and reconnects to the Chihuahua highway that goes directly in front of the Cereso state prison. This allows you to miss what is generally a lot of traffic. Would assume the traffic is going to be even greater on the arrival day for Pope Francis.

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