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Sierra Tarahumara Chihuahua, México (Video)

Back in 1992 I was fortunate to be President of Caravanas Voyagers, an RV Tour Operator out of EL Paso Texas. We specialized in organizing RV tours throughout the world, however specializing in the Republic of Mexico!

One of our most popular tours was one that incorporated the use of the Mexican Railroad, or what is now called the Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico. We would load, depending upon each RV’s length, from 15 to 22+ RV’s onto railway flatcars. We would have a Wagonmaster (an experienced leader of the group) and a tailgunner (one who was generally mechanically gifted) who trailed the caravan. Also included was a “guide”, one who was legally licensed with the proper permits for this vocation. We generally ran about 4-6 different routes a season, which of course ran during the winter months, so we could count on a larger RVing crowd from all over North America – Snow Birds! Those who left the North to enjoy the more sunny and warm temperatures of the South during the Winter.

The Copper Canyon, to me, is one of the most unique areas of the world. Traveling by Mexican train was also, obviously unique. I have many, stories but not enough room or time, to relish. Some sad, many funny, and some downright hysterical.

The canyon itself has over 400+ miles with 39 bridges, and 86 tunnels. I remember going into one tunnel, and looking back to see the end of the train coming out of the other tunnel. It is said, the size of the canyon is over 4 and a half times larger than our own Grand Canyon. I personally have been a passenger 3 times, and found every trip to by unique, fun, and remarkable trip.

There are waterfalls, rivers, huge canyons, and Tarahumarans, native Indians to Mexico. These are the peoples who you might have seen on documentaries, who are famous for their long distant running prowess.

I have gone on way to far…for now.

Please take the time to relax, and enjoy one of the most unique landscapes in the world GOD has created. AND, pay special attention to the credits of the gentleman who produced this wonderful video at the end of the film. His name is Carlos Rangel, pictures by Manuel Chávez. It’s about 9+ minutes long, but hey, trust me, there is nothing on t.v. anyway and the scenery will blow your mind.

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