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Official and unofficial Mexican Holidays for 2014

Mexican Holidays icons

According to  the website puentelibre.mx , the official and unofficial Mexican holidays that people are off from work are the following:


Official Holidays

Wednesday the 1st.  The New Year is celebrated.
Monday the 3rd.  Day of the Mexican Constitution and although it is commemorated on the 5th of February it will be observed on Monday the 3rd
Monday 17th.  The birth of Benito Juárez is on the 21st, but is observed on the 17th to have a long weekend.
Thursday the 1st.  Labor Day.
Tuesday 16th:   Independence Day.

Monday 17th.   3-day weekend to celebrate the Mexican Revolution which is on the 20th, but observed on the 17th.

Unofficial Holidays

Monday 6.  Day of the Magi.   It is common in primary schools to be off on this date.

Holy Week:  The 17th  through the 20th.
Monday the 5th   Battle of Puebla
Saturday the 10th   Mother’s Day
Thursday 15th  Teacher’s Day
Sunday the 2nd: Day of the Dead and there will be no rest due to it falling on Sunday.
Friday the 12th:   Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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