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Bridge from San Diego to TJ, the Cross Border Xpress

Since first making news in early 2014, the concept is now a reality.

Saving hours in international crossing times, as well as hooking up U.S. citizens to cheaper Mexican air fares, the Cross Border Xpress is now open!

This pedestrian bridge is the first to join a site with a foreign airport.

The bridge is currently free until the 18th of December. Then tickets will go on sale for $18 each way, with long term parking, at least on the U.S. side, at $10 a day. Long Bridge wait times, and lower air fares to and from TJ were two factors driving this project.

Tijuana airport passengers may cross within 24 hours of away air travel, with TJ arrivals permitted to cross within four hours after landing in TJ. To use the CBX skywalk bridge you must present an airline boarding pass. You may purchase your tickets online at https://www.crossborderxpress.com/tickets

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