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3-Day Holiday Weekend

green-angelsWe just found out that Mexico has a 3-day holiday this weekend to celebrate the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.  Beginning today and until Monday, November 18th, the Green Angels, which are part of the Department of Tourism in Mexico, will be offering road assistance 24 hours a day to those tourists who drive on all national tow roads.  This will also be a coordinated effort with emergency services from the Red Cross, Federal Police and Federal Roads and Bridges.

To avoid setbacks this weekend, the Green Angels recommend that you check your vehicle before hitting the road.  Make sure your breaks are okay, check air pressure, use your seatbelts (they do save lives), obey traffic signs, avoid driving when tired and be extra cautious when driving in the rain.  Refrain from using your electronic devises while driving.

The Green Angels don’t charge for providing service, but tipping is permisseable; the drivers are responsible for parts, oil and gas.

Happy travels!!!

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