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When is 13th Annual Rocky Point Bike Rally?

I just became aware of a unique, and fun filled annual event called the Rocky Point Bike Rally. It takes place every year, and this is their 13th year.

A customer and friend of ICI brought it to my attention today. He purchased his motorcycle policy online and filled me in on the event.

The rally apparently is extremely popular, notching almost 5,000 riders. It begins November 7th and goes thru the 10th. Sounds like a great 3 day weekend.

They charge a nominal registration fee of $ 10.00 that goes to charity. The event draws from riders throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point to gringos, is an extremely popular travel destination, especially if you live in Arizona, New Mexico or certain areas of Texas. This tourist village is usually the closest to theses three States to the ocean. People with RV’s, and especially college students of Arizona and Arizona State frequent this gorgeous spot on Mexico’s north end of the Sea of Cortez.

We have included a link that provides information on where the event begins, and answers a couple of simple questions regarding what is needed to cross into Mexico. The link is: http://www.rockypointrally.com/

We have a fantastic insurance product for your bike, if you intend on joining. OR, if not this rally, maybe in the future you may be considering a ride with a few friends. You might also really, really consider purchasing your International Health & Accident insurance at the same time, as your U.S. or Canadian Health insurance most probably will not cover you in Mexico, and many Mexican Motorcycle insurance policies provide very little if any medical coverage on their policies.

So call a few friends, and join like minded biker enthusiasts for a fun filled weekend!

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