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Does my U.S. auto insurance cover me in Mexico?

NO. Mexico does not recognize U.S. 3rd Party Liability coverage on any policy other than on a valid Mexican Insurance policy, underwritten by an authorized Mexican insurance company.

YES. For the Physical Damage (Collision & Theft) coverage IF your U.S. auto insurance policy covers it in the U.S. AND it contains a Border Endorsement. This generally occurs if you live at or near the U.S. Mexican border. This only applies to the Physical Damage coverage to your vehicle while in Mexico. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE 3rd PARTY LIABILITY MENTIONED ABOVE, WHICH IS REQUIRED TO OPERATE YOUR VEHICLE IN MEXICO. FYI, 3rd Party or Public Liability coverage is for “injury or property damage you cause the other guy”…This coverage is a standard moral and financial requirement in the U.S. as well as Mexico.

IMPORTANT: Your U.S. insurance agent may not completely understand this Endorsement, especially if you are domiciled away from the U.S. / Mexican border. Some U.S. insurance companies provide the Endorsement, only with the requirement of your purchasing the Mexican 3rd Party Liability policy through a Mexican insurance company. Some may not have this requirement. Yet others might provide various degrees to range of territory (25 kilometers, 100 kilometers, or all of Mexico) or limited time requirements for travel in Mexico. In any case, you should know that, at the very least, Mexican authorities will typically require restitution on the spot (by law) if you do not possess a Mexican Tourist Auto policy. If you do not have the monies ($$$) on your person to pay for the damage, or injuries you have caused a 3rd party, including your own passengers, then you are subject to being detained, and your vehicle confiscated until all fines, fees, and damages are paid.

If you are relying upon your U.S. insurance companies Border Endorsement for Physical Damage to your vehicle, they require YOU to tow the vehicle back to the U.S. for repairs. Tough to do even near the border, and tougher (and more $$$) if you are in the interior! For a few bucks a day, it is just not worth it…

Conclusion: Do not rely upon your U.S. auto insurance in Mexico, have peace of mind while enjoying your Mexico travels by purchasing a Mexico Tourist Auto insurance company from a reputable Agent and insurance company.

Now go enjoy your adventure! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or E Mail.

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